Despite marketing's critical role in B2B technology companies, marketing leaders (particularly brand) don’t always get to exert the same influence as their peers in product. Exacerbating this imbalance over the past few years is the popular GTM strategy of “Product-Led Growth” (PLG), a theory that promises brands outsized growth by leveraging product as the main vehicle to drive acquisition, retention, and expansion. So, do PLG strategies deliver substantially different outcomes compared to traditional GTM strategies for B2B tech brands?

To answer this question, we conducted research with The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, to help you understand the fundamental marketing laws that govern growth to learn how B2B tech brands really grow over time.  Download the full report for insights to better influence your cross-functional partners while leading your organizations to a proven path of sustainable growth, such as:

  • Why it’s not enough to depend on your product to drive customer loyalty and reduce churn rate, because retention is a function of customer penetration
  • Why it’s not enough to offer free trials and attempt to build “viral” product features, because growth comes from acquiring customers from the largest category players
  • Why it’s not enough to optimize LTV by upselling and cross-selling to existing customers, because growth comes from acquiring all types of new customers