Over the last two decades, lofty-but-generic brand purpose and product-first mindsets that don’t speak to deeper customer needs have been at the heart of positioning for many businesses. But in today’s inflationary macro-economic environment, the stakes for business success have been raised. In this new – and harsh – reality, a coherent Go To Market strategy that optimizes for pricing power and creates credible value with customers will separate the winners from the losers. 

In this report, we explore a new mental model for businesses – developed in partnership with WARC and and Roger Martin (CEO Advisor, Strategist and Author of “Playing to Win”) – that aligns product, marketing, sales, and customer experience within a holistic Promise to the Customer (PTTC) mindset. 

Preliminary findings from an analysis of over 2,000 advertising campaigns suggest that brands that make a credible promise to their customers can gain a brand building and commercial advantage.