Funding is critical to the success of any business activity, but in B2B, marketers come to the negotiating table with Finance at a disadvantage. Most B2B companies view marketing simply as a cost center, and in this period of strong economic headwinds, it is becoming increasingly difficult for marketers to preserve or grow their budgets.

But decades of marketing research shows that marketing accelerates and amplifies cash flows for businesses, making it a critical growth center to brands who sufficiently and continuously invest. The most successful marketing leaders not only understand this, but know how to advocate for their campaigns using language and concepts that are familiar to investors and finance professionals.

In our latest report, we explored this issue and how to address it with researcher and business author Jonathan Knowles. The result is a synthesized canon of academic research and a powerful framework to help B2B marketers make the case to Finance as to why Marketing needs both greater focus within the organization and bigger budgets.

Before a B2B marketer ever has the chance to influence a customer, they must first influence their CFO. Read the full report to: 

  • Articulate why effective marketing is central to every possible avenue of revenue growth.
  • Identify ways that marketing can reduce costs within an organization and increase profits.
  • Understand how effective marketing can minimize risk and, thereby, cost of capital.