Sample These Tasty LinkedIn Marketing Stats [Infographic]

November 26, 2019

What’s the best day to go to the supermarket? We all know the answer: SAMPLE DAY. While grocery shopping can sometimes be a tedious task, it becomes all the more enjoyable when you’re able to indulge in tasty snacks around every corner. They’re free, and you just might discover something new to love.

In this spirit, we’re proud to present our Sophisticated Marketer’s Sampler Platter. This infographic offers up a tasty collection of tidbits pulled from the Sophisticated Marketer’s Hub, which serves as a definitive resource for marketers on LinkedIn featuring stats, insights, and expert advice from top practitioners in the field.

Come try a few items on our platter and see if anything strikes your fancy.

Sampling Insights from the Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

Some pairings are just natural: wine and cheese, ketchup and fries, organic and paid. How will you find the perfect balanced mix to elevate your content strategy on LinkedIn? You can scroll down to experience the full arrangement, but here’s a quick sampling of some facts and stats we’re serving up:

  • LinkedIn Pages with complete information get 30% more views compared to others. (Learn how to check every box with LinkedIn Pages Best Practices.)
  • 98% of marketers agree that personalization helps advance customer relationships.
  • 55% of decision makers use thought leadership to vet the organizations they work with.
  • 61% of B2B marketers have increased their use of social media for content marketing compared to one year ago.
  • 1 in 5 investors say LinkedIn is the best place to learn more about a topic.

We left out all the delicious appetizer-related puns and metaphors, but you’ll find a full smorgasbord in the infographic below.

Order Up a Full Serving of LinkedIn Marketing Sophistication

Did our Sampler Platter leave you feeling unfulfilled? I’ve got good news and better news. Good: You can find a wealth of extensive resources in our Sophisticated Marketer’s Hub, from guides to video learning courses to podcasts and beyond. Better: It’s all free! Unlike that purveyor of samples in the frozen foods aisle, we’re not trying to sway you toward the high-end pizza brand. 

Enjoy the many dishes awaiting you at our resource hub, and level-up your marketing skills on LinkedIn.