How the LinkedIn Audience Network Helps Scale Your Message to Accelerate Buyers Through Their Decision Journey

October 14, 2020

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Scaling your campaigns while staying relevant with prospects can feel like a moving target. Prospects and buyers are engaging with brands in more places than ever. B2B buyers who are actively considering a purchase say that almost a third of their time is spent researching online.

As a marketer, reaching the right audience effectively across their decision journey is key. Scaling your message across objectives to increase touchpoints will help accelerate buyers through their decision journey and ultimately grow your business. That’s where Sponsored Content on the LinkedIn Audience Network comes in. 

Today we’ll highlight the capabilities of this powerful channel while pointing you toward a couple of helpful new resources.

A Simplified Guide to the LinkedIn Audience Network

In short, the LinkedIn Audience Network helps marketers to extend their Sponsored Content campaigns to LinkedIn members across trusted third-party publishers who meet our high standards for brand safety. By extending ads on to members on our Audience Network, advertisers can reach the same professional audiences in more places with greater frequency.

This one-sheet overview walks you through the essentials of the LinkedIn Audience Network and calls out the top five professional segments that marketers are successfully targeting via LinkedIn:

Sponsored Content activated on the LinkedIn Audience Network can achieve up to 25% more reach, engaging audiences through up to 9 more monthly touchpoints.

Your Campaign Scale Copilot Is Here to Help

How can your organization leverage the LinkedIn Audience Network to take flight? The infographic below takes you from lift-off to landing with best practices and product details.

You’ll learn how to make your Sponsored Content soar by following LinkedIn’s strategic approach in meeting professionals where they’re at:

  • Targeting: Focus on your carefully selected and high-intent audience rather than continually straining to identify new prospects.
  • Professional Audience: Prioritize quality over quantity by zeroing in on buyers, decision makers, and purchase influencers with the best chance to eventually convert.
  • Multiple Touchpoints: Reach these professionals where they’re at, in different trusted environments, to reinforce your message and solidify brand familiarity along the winding decision journey.

Buckle up and prepare for take-off:

59% of marketers view additional channels in the media mix as ways to reach more prospects, and 67% say audience reach and targeting is almost as important as price when it comes to advertising.

Make Your Message Land with Professionals Who Mean Business

The LinkedIn Audience Network makes it simple to extend your Sponsored Content campaigns with the same targeting, budget, and bid type upheld for each campaign activated across LinkedIn environments. We also take the work out of tweaking creative across channels, by automatically optimizing your creative to drive the most engagement with LinkedIn members across placements on all apps and sites.

Want to learn more about what’s new with the LinkedIn Audience Network and other LinkedIn marketing products? Keep an eye on our Products Update page, and once you’re ready, put these capabilities to good use by logging into Campaign Manager and firing up a new campaign.