Sales Navigator Gets More Than Just A Face Lift

May 16, 2018

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

When you’re looking at hundreds or thousands of sales leads and accounts over the course of a year, getting the information you need on them even a little bit faster adds up.  

Today, we want to share a new set of capabilities designed to improve the Sales Navigator experience and get you closer to the information you need.

New Lead Page — Fewer Clicks. More Insights.

We completely redesigned the Sales Navigator lead page to highlight the most important details. You can quickly check if a lead is relevant, discover the best person to reach out to for a warm intro and even jump directly to the matching record in your CRM system. 

On the new lead page, you are one click away from sending that lead an email or LinkedIn message, jumping to their social pages or website to learn a bit more about them, or opening up a Google Map of their office location. You can see additional emails, phone numbers, website URLs, social handles and office addresses pulled from both their LinkedIn profile and your CRM in one place. And if you add, say, a social handle for a person in Sales Navigator, that information is shared with other team members on the same Sales Navigator contract, so your whole team becomes more productive.

In short, the new lead page is more than just a pretty face — it helps you get your work done faster.

New Mobile Account Page — Company Information at Your Fingertips

In our first QPR, we announced a brand new account page experience for desktop. And now we’re doing the same for the Sales Navigator mobile app.

With the new mobile account page we highlight the most important information on top, and not only let you see a description of the company and the number of employees, but also let you jump directly to the company website or open up driving directions in Google Maps or Apple Maps.  

We also added sections that let you drill down on unique Linkedin information like department sizes and growth rates, recommended leads at that company, and the most recent and relevant company news.

Sales Navigator Application Platform — It’s Becoming a Movement

Ever since we launched the Sales Navigator Application Platform (SNAP) program, we’ve seen incredible adoption by customers and partners alike. Our partners are providing key Sales Navigator insights within the applications sales professionals use daily in categories like CRM, Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence, Sales Acceleration, Web Conferencing and eSignature.

Our ecosystem continues to grow and we’re proud to introduce several new partners who have Sales Navigator integrations that are live as of today:

  • CRM: SAP Hybris, Pegasystems
  • Marketing Automation: Oracle Eloqua
  • Business intelligence: Clari
  • Sales Acceleration: Groove

GDPR — We’re Ready

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve taken a number of steps to make sure Sales Navigator meets GDPR requirements not only for our European customers, but for Sales Navigator customers around the world.  We already had a head start as a members-first company, but we’ve recently made additional changes that let you export or delete Sales Navigator data and outlined the full set of permissions and changes on a GDPR FAQ page for Sales Navigator.

Finally, we’ve recently obtained full ISO 27001 and 27018 certification for Sales Navigator, reinforcing our commitment to the privacy and security of your data.

To learn more about the updates in today’s announcement, visit our page here.

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