LinkedIn CRM Sync Gives You Sales Enablement Superpowers: Here's How

April 24, 2018

do you know how to use CRM sync to target the right buyers?

Spider-Man and his web-slinging.

The Hulk’s incredible strength.

Iron Man’s brilliant inventions.

Each member of The Avengers has their own power. When combined, they become unstoppable. This dynamic is at the heart of Infinity War, one of the most ambitious blockbuster crossover events in Hollywood history, hitting theaters in late April.

But what does this have to do with sales? While you (probably) don’t have superpowers, much like The Avengers combining forces, selling requires bringing together multiple skills and tools. You want to use every resource available, and if you can combine everything in one place, even better.

The LinkedIn CRM sync feature in Sales Navigator allows you to pair your CRM with Sales Navigator to create a super system. You can automatically link your communication on LinkedIn — InMail, notes, messages — into your CRM, and pull your CRM records into Sales Navigator.

With a little help from The Avengers, we’ll show you how these valuable features allow you to maximize your sales power.

Break Through the Introduction Barriers Like the Hulk

Introducing yourself is one of the most difficult parts of a sale. In fact, 42 percent of salespeople say prospecting is the hardest part of the job, which is why honing your prospecting skills is so important.

How LinkedIn CRM Sync Can Help with Sales Prospecting

Once you’ve synced your CRM with Sales Navigator, you can access the CRM widget. This gives you a wealth of information to help make introductions more easily. The widget also has an intuitive interface that makes it efficient to navigate.

The icebreaker tab offers summaries about prospects, such as articles they’ve shared, mentions in the news, and job changes — information that can be used when engaging a sales prospect for the first time.

You can also use the widget to find new prospects. Under the get introduced tab you’ll find people in your current network who can introduce you to a prospect, offering a straightforward way to map connections to top targets.

Channel Tony Stark to Build Iron-clad Relationships

Now that you’ve conquered the first aspect of best-in-class sales enablement, you need to cultivate the relationship to move your prospect into the buying phase. And although we’re in the relationship selling era, relationship building doesn’t stop with the sale. Once you have a buyer as a client, it is important to continue nurturing that relationship to drive renewals and upsells, in addition to leveraging those relationships to find new prospects.

How LinkedIn CRM Sync Can Help with Relationship Building

By syncing your CRM with Sales Navigator, you’ll have everything in one place. Not only can you stay in touch with your current clients through messages and InMail, you can quickly look for new prospects and leads.

You’ll also have easy access to data and insights about the clients and companies that are most important to you and your sales team. The CRM widget shows company profile information that gives you a quick overview of recommended leads, company news, and a list of your current connections.

Use Your Spidey Senses to Foresee Challenges

One of your most valuable assets is having an intuition for client challenges — and you don’t even need to be a mind reader or have special powers to make this happen.

By gathering as much data as possible, you can gain a sense of a prospect or client’s pain points. This requires connecting with your client regularly and staying on top of industry trends. By simply being aware, you put yourself in a position to strengthen your current relationships and build new ones.

How LinkedIn CRM Sync Can Help with Sales Intelligence

The tools in Sales Navigator allow you to see what is happening in industries as a whole, and with your individual clients.

The CRM widget shows what people are sharing, and helps you track important industry news. Even if a company doesn’t update its LinkedIn Company Page regularly, you can use the CRM widget to look for key stakeholders within the organization and see what they are sharing to get a full sense of their issues and concerns.

Lead the Charge Like Captain America

Moving a prospect through the purchasing cycle requires taking charge. To do so, you need to have your own data in order. If you are currently using multiple systems for sales enablement, you may be wasting time by toggling between programs and managing data manually.

How LinkedIn CRM Sync Can Help with Organization

Is there ever a point in your day where you aren’t balancing multiple projects? Between finding prospects, working leads, maintaining relationships, and closing deals, you’re rarely in one place at one time, mentally or physically. Given this, it’s invaluable to have quick access to the information about everyone you’re working with.

CRM sync enables complete control of data and communication. You have access to the contacts from your CRM along with information from LinkedIn. Instead of bouncing between programs and interfaces, you’ll have the key details in one place to take charge of your sale.

Now that you’re armed with these sales enablement tools, you’re ready to become an Avenger of sales. Use your powers wisely.

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