5 Reasons To Be Excited For The Talent Connect London Live Stream

October 19, 2015

I have good news and bad news for you about Talent Connect London, LinkedIn’s keystone conference led by and designed for talent professionals.

Bad news first. The event taking place on Oct. 21 and 22 is sold out, although you can sign up for our waiting list.

Don’t fret though, the good news more than balances this out – there’s a way you can watch Talent Connect London, completely free. How?

Register for the live stream of the event, and watch some of the most innovative people in recruiting and HR detail their most cutting-edge strategies and techniques.

What are some the presentations you can expect? Well, all are chock-full of actionable advice you can use to immediately improve your company’s relationship with talent, but here are five we are particularly excited about.

1. Unilever on the power of purpose

Presented by Unilever Chief of Marketing and Communications Keith Weed and Unilever VP of Global Talent and Resourcing Stephen Lochhead.

Unilever has more than 170,000 employees and hundreds of brands, from Ben + Jerry’s ice cream to Dove soap to Hellmann’s mayonnaise. So what’s the one thing that unites them all?

The company’s focus on “doing well by doing good”. This is driven through embedding purpose at the heart of each brand, motivating their people to build brands that don’t just make money, but also improve the world.

In their joint presentation, Lochhead and Weed will discuss how HR and marketing work together at Unilever to sustain and deepen that focus, and the importance of instilling purpose at the core of your company.

2. It isn’t always about hard work - the importance of play at work

Presented by The Spontaneity Shop Director Deborah Frances-White

From an early age we are brought up to believe that success depends on hard work. That’s true, says Frances-White - but only sometimes.

The times when hard work doesn’t work, however, are of growing importance in today’s world, where raw physical and mental labor are increasingly susceptible to automation. Putting a lot of conscious effort into a task doesn’t help when that task is best tackled free of anxiety and with the help of the unconscious mind – and that includes most creative jobs today.

The session will explore how much more “talented” you can be simply by changing your process and unlocking a different part of your brain.

3. LinkedIn’s head of HR and head of recruiting on how to overcome differences and work together

Presented by LinkedIn Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition Brendan Browne and LinkedIn Vice President of HR Pat Wadors.

When Wadors started at LinkedIn as its head of HR in 2013, she wanted to take a step back and make some changes. Meanwhile, Browne, the company’s head of talent acquisition, had his foot squarely on the gas pedal and wanted to keep pushing forward.

Thanks to some frank conversations and game changing results, the two were able to overcome their differences and truly create “one team” where talent acquisition supports HR, and vice versa. In their presentation, Wadors and Browne will outline their own success, as well as detail how other TA and HR departments can join together to form a mutually-beneficial relationship.

4. LinkedIn’s leaders on the next generation of the company

Presented by LinkedIn Senior Vice President of Global Solutions Mike Gamson, Senior Vice President of Content Tanya Staples, and Director of Product Management Eduardo Vivas

In this three-person presentation, Gamson, Staples and Vivas will discuss where LinkedIn is headed and how it will continue its efforts to connect talent with opportunity on a global scale. Additionally, Vivas will reveal the future of the LinkedIn product line.

5. Going all in – how AXA is changing its business model.

Presented by AXA Chief Operating Officer Veronica Weill

Register now to watch the Talent Connect Live Stream on October 21-22nd.