Talent is constantly on the move, always looking for new challenges and opportunities. This means retaining top employees needs to be a key focus of your recruitment and HR strategies.

We’ve surveyed 10,000+ professionals around the world who have recently switched jobs. Discover what motivates employees to make a career move — and find out how you can retain top talent in your organization.

Download the full infographic to see the top 10 reasons professionals leave jobs, and what you can do to retain your best talent.

How to keep top talent

47% of job switchers in our survey said they might have stayed, if their employer had made an effort. Check our tip sheet for ways to give employee retention at your company a boost.


Sometimes, employees just move on. And when they do, LinkedIn Talent Solutions can help you find new professionals who match all your needs.

  • Showcase your company

    Showcase your company

    with Career Pages to promote your Employer Brand.

    Career Pages
  • Attract new candidates

    Attract new candidates

    with Job Posts targeted at active and passive talent.

    Job Posts
  • Find the right talent

    Find the right talent

    with Advanced Search in the world’s largest talent pool of 350M+.