Woman smiling while working at a desk with her computer.
A looping gif that reads “Source, Hire, Develop, All in one place”.
A candidate’s contact information and links to their social media profiles inside the candidate profile on Recruiter.

Social links in Recruiter

Get insight into a candidate's online presence by viewing their professional profiles in Recruiter and Talent Hub.

A gallery showing the most popular employee posts on a company’s LinkedIn Career Page.

Trending Employee Content

Showcase your employer brand with this new feature on Career Pages that aggregates employee content.

An analytics report in LinkedIn Pipeline Builder displaying trends over time.

Pipeline Builder Analytics

Pipeline Builder customers can now see a clearer return on investment through actionable insights on lead volume, leads over time, and more.

A notification showing that a company has downloaded a job applicant’s resume.

Resume download notification

Keep job seekers engaged with a new notification that lets them know when their resume has been downloaded.

A metrics report tracking the performance of a marketing campaign.

Metrics in Campaign Manager

Learn more about the success of your Pipeline Builder campaigns through three new metrics.

An illustration showing a woman working on a computer with a cup of hot coffee.

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