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Autodesk Invesco DSM

Filling high-demand roles in global locales

If you’re in the business of making things, you probably know Autodesk. From performance automobiles to skyscrapers to smartphones, the company is well known for its design software. With the credibility and cachet to attract top talent that Autodesk has, you’d imagine candidates would be lining up. Yet, as many leading companies know, it’s not always that easy. Faced with some high-demand and hard-to-fill roles in Denver, Boston, Singapore, Barcelona, Japan, and elsewhere, the Autodesk team needed to establish a pipeline of top talent – fast.

Using a personal approach

To help attract talent and fill roles for growing teams, Autodesk used the new LinkedIn Pipeline Builder to launch targeted campaigns for more than 10 opportunities, including positions in machine learning, finance, and sales. Leveraging Sponsored Updates to drive members to its personalized landing pages, the team was able to engage the exact talent needed for its pipeline.

Watching the leads flow in

  • 485+ leads over nine weeks
  • 70% of new leads not previously engaged by Autodesk

Attracting new candidates

Invesco is a leading investment management company with offices in 20 countries. It is well known in the industry for hiring sales and finance professionals. Yet it wasn’t attracting and engaging qualified candidates for roles in compliance and legal counsel. Invesco approached LinkedIn for a solution that would help it build a pipeline of candidates for these roles across multiple regions for current and future hiring needs.


Tailoring the message

Invesco tailored content and messaging using Pipeline Builder to specifically target compliance and legal professionals in prioritized markets. This included a new video from its CEO, detailing its business outlook and unique company culture. Sponsored Updates amplified the amount of qualified talent directed to its unique pages.

Pulling in heaps of new leads

  • Generated more than 180 qualified leads over nine weeks
  • Successfully connected with target audiences; 96% of candidates hadn’t previously viewed an Invesco job posting
  • Successfully built a pipeline for continued needs

Reaching new levels of diversity

DSM is a multinational chemical company headquartered in Heerlen, Netherlands, and active in the health, nutrition, and materials sector. The company employs 25,000 people in 50 countries, and it wanted to create a more diverse pipeline of talent for future hiring needs.

Getting the word out

The DSM team developed content focused on the importance of diversity to its organization, providing candidates with a rich, transparent look into the company’s beliefs and culture. Using Pipeline Builder pages, the company added rich media and video for a more personal touch to attract more diverse candidates for its open positions.


Pulling in a new pool of talent

  • Generated more than 350 leads over nine weeks
  • 83% of leads hadn’t previously viewed a DSM job posting