• Now, job seekers can set job alerts for your company and receive notifications as soon as you post a job. Your recruiting team can see this new interest signal within Recruiter for easier sourcing.
  • Job seekers will automatically see recommended jobs and current company employees with similar job titles – with no extra actions needed.



Job seekers can set job alerts for your company
Dynamic Pages
  • Make your message relevant to more job seekers with dynamic pages that increase discoverability and drive higher engagement.
  • Link your targeted ads and updates to customized vanity URLs for a more personalized experience for your potential candidates.



  • Post and respond on the go from the voice of your company, not just your personal account.
  • Get your content discovered by job seekers with a new, simpler left navigation.



LinkedIn Career Pages
Career Pages Performance Report
  • Easily track page performance over custom date ranges.
  • Glean insights from job seeker and applicant behavior to inform your positioning compared to competitors.