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About PointDrive

*PointDrive is available for Sales Navigator Team and Sales Navigator Enterprise accounts only. If you'd like to learn more, please contact your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or contact us.

With PointDrive, reps can personalize, streamline, and even track activity on their communications with their clients'. Your reps can attach sales content, including: PowerPoint decks, PDFs, URLs, and videos that are specific to their clients' interests and needs, and also apply their organization's branding to maintain a consistent and professional presence.  

As the admin on your account, you want to empower your sales teams, and help them maintain relevant content and a consistent story from your business to your prospects. 

About Branding

You can set up branding requirements for each PointDrive presentation sent by your reps. This will ensure that your reps use a consistent professional brand in their customer communications.

You can customize PointDrive to match company brand guidelines, including your logo, approved background images, and brand colors. As the admin on the contract, you are able to restrict your reps to only use the logo, background images, and brand colors that you approve. 

Image of PointDrive Branding Settings Page

How to Access Branding:

  1. Sign in to Sales Navigator.
  2. Click on PointDrive icon on the dashboard.
  3. In PointDrive, click on Admin. You will land on the Branding tab of the Admin page. 

Branding Tools


Presentation Logo

Upload a logo for your company’s PointDrive presentation header. Must be JPG or PNG , and 44 by 198 pixels.


Cover Images

You can hold up to eight images for your team to choose from. Must be JPG or PNG, and 600 by 1600 pixels.

Color Wheel

Cover or Accent Color

Choose a color for a background or accent color. If your company has specific brand guidelines, you can use the hex color code.


Prevent Users

Admins can prevent users from uploading their own logos, cover images and colors.

About Categories

You can set up categories to organize your contract. This will help your reps to better organize the presentations available on the Team Presentations page. You can choose to organize by team, department, segment, vertical, product line, and more. 

Note: Only Admins can create categories for a contract. Users can tag presentations in settings and sort presentations on Team list.

Image of PointDrive Categories Settings Page

How to Access Categories:

  1. Sign in to Sales Navigator.
  2. Click on PointDrive icon on the dashboard.
  3. In PointDrive, click on Admin in the center of the dashboard. You will land on the Branding tab of the Admin page. 
  4. Click on the Categories tab. 

Categories Tools


New Category

Enter new categories to organize the Team Presentations across the contract.

Color Wheel

Edit or Delete

Edit or delete categories to stay up to date and organized.

About Insights - Advanced Reporting

*Only available in Enterprise edition

As the Admin on a Sales Navigator Enterprise contract, you will also be able to better understand how your content is performing in the marketplace. As reps send out PointDrive presentations, you’ll be able to track user activity and engagement on presentations. This will help you to understand what content and message is resonating in the market and what additional resources your team needs in order to effectively sell.

Image of PointDrive Insights Page

How to Access Insights - Advanced Reporting:

  1. Sign in to Sales Navigator.
  2. Click on PointDrive icon on the dashboard.
  3. In PointDrive, click on Insights. You will land on the Activity tab of the Insights page. 

Insights Tools

The following tools are available under the Team tab of the Insights page.

Paper Report

Presentations Created

See total # of presentations created by contract in the last week.

Award Medal

Most Active Team Members

See total # of presentations created by contract historically.

Profile List

Most Active Presentations

See most active presentations according to # of viewers.

Mobile Phone


See average # of viewers per day, and total # of viewers historically.

PointDrive Best Practices



Reach out to your company's Marketing team, and request for high resolution files and assets that you will need. They’ll get the chance to influence what your reps are sending to the customers.

Pencil Ruler

Brand Guidelines

Do you have strict internal branding guidelines? By setting up the branding beforehand, this will prevent reps from creating and using their own logos, colors, and images.


Create Presentations

If you are a Sales Navigator Admin, you can create presentations for your contract. Proactively add the latest product information, sales collateral, and case studies for your reps to use.