Buyer Circle

More and more decision makers and influencers act as points-of-contact for deals. The key to success is understanding all the relevant players.

The Buyer Circle is a view of all key stakeholders involved in the decision-making process for a particular deal.

To add people to the Buyer Circle:

Your rep can easily add people to the Buyer Circle by dragging and dropping individuals from Saved Leads or Contact in CRM.

  • Note: More than one individual can be within a single role, and one individual can be under multiple roles.
  • Note: If people in the Buyer's Circle aren't already in your CRM, use LinkedIn to find them. That person's public information (first name, last name, title, and company) will be written back to your CRM as a new Contact associated with that Opportunity.


Buyer Circle


If you run into any technical issues:

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To learn more tips and best practices:

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