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Company Summary

Quickly determine if an account is relevant to you by scanning key details.

1.     Company Summary: Review a brief introduction of the company, employee headcount, industry, revenue, and contact information.

2.¬†¬†¬†¬† CRM Badge: See if this account is in your CRM with the ‚ÄúIn CRM‚ÄĚ badge.

3.     Save the account: Save the account to surface updates about the company and new lead recommendations at the top of your Sales Navigator home page.

4.     Tags: Use Tags to save time looking for important accounts.

5.     Notes: Store relevant information and action items using Notes.


Easily access saved leads, recommended leads, and connections into the account.

1.     Saved leads: Keep track of InMail interactions, notes and tags with your saved leads at this account.

2.     Recommended leads: Explore and save recommended leads that are determined by your sales preferences, which you can update at any time.

Tip: Check out the How to Set Sales Preferences tip sheet.

3.     Your connections: Explore mutual connections such as Your 1st and 2nd degree connections, Your TeamLink connections, and mutual group connections. Determine which connections provide you the warmest path.

Tip: Check out the Securing Introductions with TeamLink tip sheet.

News & Insights

Stay current with recent company news and updates from LinkedIn, senior leaders’ job changes, and insights on company headcount.

1.     News & updates: Sort your account newsfeed from a variety of options, including Account updates, Account shares, and Lead updates.

2.     Employee insights: Check out the current employee count and growth for the whole company, or by department.

3.     Recent senior management hires: Stay current on the landscape of key decision makers in a company.