CRM Sync

Enable CRM Sync to gain access to critical CRM functionalities including: Auto-Save, Activity Writeback, ROI Reporting, CRM Badges & Search Filtering, and much more.

Sales Navigator Advanced Plus users will have access to Lead & Contact Creation, Champions List, and Data Validation.

Sales Navigator App Package


With the Sales Navigator for CRM Apps, you can view embedded profiles, containing LinkedIn member and company profile information, within your CRM. Installing the Sales Navigator for Salesforce App is an additional requirement to enable Data Validation.

With the Sales Navigator for CRM Apps, you can view LinkedIn information within your CRM.

Data Validation (Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Edition Only)

Data Validation brings the power of LinkedIn data to your CRM by flagging out-of-date contacts. Use it to help:

  • Boost pipeline quality: Identify deals at risk and promising new opportunities

  • Increase sales and marketing efficiency: Eliminate extra validation steps and optimize campaigns

  • Improve organizational data quality: Elevate the effectiveness of your systems and tools

Contact Creation (Sales Navigator Advanced Plus Edition Only)

Contact Creation allows users to create a Contact record in their CRM from directly within Sales Navigator.  With Contact Creation, productivity is maintained as users will no longer need to interrupt their workflows to add contacts to CRM. 

Contact Creation is currently available for Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

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