CRM Widget


With the CRM Widget, you can view LinkedIn information in the same place you are already tracking your other sales activities, delivering these benefits:

  • Profiles are enriched with contact information from the CRM, putting all information in one place
  • Automatically see critical contact and company information and save contacts  for ongoing awareness

CRM Sync

Once you've installed the Widget, you can enable CRM Sync to instantly log and import sales activity to and from your CRM with a simple click, so you can focus on what matters most—selling.

  • Save time by leveraging existing users in your CRM to manage and assign seats.
  • Drive adoption among users with auto-populated saved leads and accounts.
  • Centralize control with Admin-initiated CRM sync for your entire organization.

Data Validation (Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition Only)

Data Validation brings the power of LinkedIn data to your CRM by flagging out-of-date contacts. Use it to help:

  • Boost pipeline quality: Identify deals at risk and promising new opportunities

  • Increase sales and marketing efficiency: Eliminate extra validation steps and optimize campaigns

  • Improve organizational data quality: Elevate the effectiveness of your systems and tools

Contact Creation (Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition Only)

Contact Creation allows users to create a Contact record in their CRM from directly within Sales Navigator.  With Contact Creation, productivity is maintained as users will no longer need to interrupt their workflows to add contacts to CRM. 

Contact Creation is currently available for Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Security Information

Absolutely! For more technical and security information, please check out the following resources.