CRM Widget


With the CRM Widget, you can view LinkedIn information in the same place you are already tracking your other sales activities, delivering these benefits:

  • Profiles are enriched with contact information from the CRM, putting all information in one place
  • Automatically see critical contact and company information and save contacts  for ongoing awareness

CRM Sync

With CRM Sync, instantly log and import sales activity to and from your CRM with a simple click, so you can focus on what matters most—selling.

  • Save time by leveraging existing users in your CRM to manage and assign seats.
  • Drive adoption among users with auto-populated saved leads and accounts.
  • Centralize control with Admin-initiated CRM sync for your entire organization.

Data Validation (Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition Only)

Data Validation brings the power of LinkedIn data to your CRM by flagging out-of-date contacts. Use it to help:

  • Boost pipeline quality: Identify deals at risk and promising new opportunities

  • Increase sales and marketing efficiency: Eliminate extra validation steps and optimize campaigns

  • Improve organizational data quality: Elevate the effectiveness of your systems and tools

Security Information

Absolutely! For more technical and security information, please check out the following resources.