Business Development.

Business development on LinkedIn is all about building relationships with people and encouraging them to use your services. 80% of your time spent on LinkedIn should be spent on activities that will raise awareness of your brand among the people you want to work with. Have a look at our playbook to maximise your business development opportunities on LinkedIn.

Business development playbook

Connect via shared interests.

LinkedIn Groups are the perfect place to gather valuable information about potential candidates and prove to be an invaluable lead generation tool, especially as 6,500 new groups are created every day! You can find out the interests, skill sets and ambitions of members and, being in the same group as them, means that you can engage with – and influence— potentially important clients for your business.

Using the Alumni functionality.

The LinkedIn Alumni functionality allows you to connect with those that have a shared love of your school or university. A quick and simple search can produce a wealth of potential connections thanks to your former school.

All you have to do is go to your ‘Connections’ tab, and select ‘Find Alumni’. From there, you have the option to search users by location, subject studied, year graduated and where each user now works.

You can filter your results by first and second degree connections, which then allows you to see who you already know and who you can be introduced to. When you’ve narrowed down your list of prospects you can contact them directly, via InMail, using your common educational connection as the perfect starting point!