Additional Updates

Commute times now
on Jobs

75% of job seekers consider commute time when deciding on an opportunity, and half claim it as the primary reason they took their last job. Candidates can now view their potential commute to your job before they even apply, helping you get more interested candidates. Rolling out to customers late this summer.

Screen out unqualified candidates sooner

Save time by learning a candidate’s work authorization status up front. If your company can’t sponsor candidates from outside your country, you can easily add work authorization questions to Jobs to screen international applications. Currently available for jobs posted in the US and Canada, and rolling out to all customers later this summer. See for yourself.

Get more precise results when searching for potential candidates

Our skills search algorithm now considers a candidate’s entire profile – not just the skills they list. This update increases the accuracy and efficiency of your candidate searches in Recruiter.

Integrate your Applicant Tracking System with LinkedIn Recruiter

Use Recruiter System Connect to streamline your hiring process. View up-to-date candidate records, enhance collaboration, and see more applicant data in Recruiter. Learn more.