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Sales Navigator account Admins support the following tasks:

  • Grant and remove Admin privileges for other seat holders
  • Add or remove seat holders
  • Access, view, and filter Sales Navigator usage reports
  • Manage special features for their team, such as CRM Intergration, Deals, and PointDrive

Note: If you are not an Admin but would like to be granted Admin privileges, please contact your organizations's assigned Sales Navigator account Admin.


If you or your users run into any technical issues:

Visit the LinkedIn Sales Help Center for technical articles that answer the most frequently asked questions.

To learn more technical tips and best practices:

Visit the the Customer Hub for links to live webinar sessions and on-demand learning resources that you can share with others.

To view and share tips with other Sales Navigator Admins and Program Managers:

Visit the Sales Navigator Community for learnings and success stories from other organizations.