Reporting Privileges

The following privileges will allow Admins to give cross-functional partners, sales managers, or any other colleagues visibility into Usage Reporting for all users within a contract while restricting access to Seat Management.

Team Member + Reporting

  • Can access Usage Reporting.
  • Plus all the capabilities of the Team Member Role.

Reporting Only

  • Can access Usage Reporting.
  • Does not use a seat license.

*Note: This privilege does not take up a seat license.

Top Use Cases


Observe Teams

Give Sales Managers across the business visibility into how their teams are engaging on Sales Navigator without risking changes to settings in Seat Management.

Group Plus Another Person

Optimize Licenses

Free up seat licenses from your contract by moving managers who aren’t using the core product from “Team + Admin” privileges to “Reporting Only” privileges.

Additional Information

For more details on how to provide access to Usage Reporting feature, contact your Sales Navigator Customer Success Manager.

*These new privileges will not gate visibility, anyone with these privileges will be able to see usage reporting for the entire contract.

**Assigning a Reporting Only privilege to an active Sales Navigator user will cause them to lose their Sales Navigator team privilege and eliminate their ability to use the core product. Make sure to select Team Member + Reporting to assign Usage Reporting access along with their Sales Navigator seat license.