By default, you will have access to the ‘My Open Deals’ view and ‘Closing this Quarter’ view.

You can also create additional personalized views. Personalized views will allow you to assess the state of your opportunities by modifying fields.

  • For example, you can use these personalized views to target opportunities according to urgency or focus for the quarter.


To create a new View

Go to the top of the Deals dashboard and click on the dropdown icon next to ‘Views’, then select ‘Create New View’. You can add filters based on your sales process.

  • The fields that appear here are the ones that your Sales Navigator Admin has made available for you. Deals supports most common custom field types in CRMs. 
  • If there are other fields you would like to see included, please reach out to your Sales Navigator Admin.


To customize column display

To edit the display of colmuns in your Deals dashboard, go to the top of the Deals dashboard and click on ‘Edit Columns’. From here, you can add or remove columns, and arrange the order in which they display on your dashboard.

Finding Leads


If you run into any technical issues:

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