Attract great talent with the new Career Pages

Give candidates an authentic, personalized tour of your culture and careers with the next generation of LinkedIn Career Pages. The new version has already generated 60% more page views per visitor, and 175% more job views. 

Find candidates who are open to new opportunities

Candidates can now privately signal to you that they’re open to new opportunities, making them 2x more likely to respond. See the type of roles they’re interested in, available start date and more.

*This is currently available in the U.S., U.K, Australia and Canada, and will roll out to more regions soon.

Capture candidates who start, but don’t finish your application

Did you know as many as 74% of candidates drop off after reaching your career site? Now you can access this talent — and nearly double your talent pool — through the new Apply Starters feature in Recruiter.

2017 Global Recruiting Trends Report

Plan for 2017 with the latest insights from recruiting leaders worldwide: how they perceive the importance of their teams, the top metrics and priorities they track, how they spend their budgets, and where they’d like to invest.

More product updates

  • Your Jobs are getting noticed

    By improving our Jobs experience, we're seeing 86% more job applications, 90% more job views and 6x more mobile traffic. Put your best Job posts forward with these 7 tips.

  • Meet the Next Generation of Recruiter

    Search faster, uncover hidden talent and prioritize candidates who are more likely to engage with your company.

  • 6 ways to prioritize candidates

    Use spotlight filters in Recruiter to filter candidates by 'company connections', 'past applicants' and more.

  • Save time with the new Recruiter inbox

    Check out the new look and feel of your inbox: see complete conversation history with each candidate, access relevant candidate details when crafting your message, and organize your workflow better.

  • New candidate experience for Jobs

    There’s a new experience for job seekers that will help your job postings attract candidates who are likely to be a better fit.

  • What's new with LinkedIn Referrals?

    Our Talent Acquisition team, as one of the first to use the product, has shared some early signals about using Referrals—including an increase in employee participation.

  • Understand your talent market with search insights

    Leverage search insights to help set your search strategy, get insights about the talent market, and be a more strategic advisor to your hiring teams.

  • InMail experience for members

    Members see sent and received messages in one continuous thread and includes 3 new “quick reply” options, so your InMail won’t get lost in candidates’ inboxes. Look out for shorter and more frequent responses.

  • Recruiter Certification

    Our new Advanced Knowledge Check will help you identify knowledge gaps to focus on, and get you familiar with our different question formats.

  • Find the right candidate faster

    The new Personalized Search experience learns from you to improve the way you search. Learn more.

  • Get the most from our InMail policy

    Learn about the new InMail policy and check out the blog post from Glen Cathey to learn how it can benefit you.

  • Amplify your strategy with our 2015 Recruiting Trends Report

    Learn what new trends will shape the future of recruiting and how to adapt your 2015 recruiting strategy.

  • Learn the ins and outs of advanced search techniques on Recruiter

    Glen Cathey, author of the Boolean Black Belt blog, shows you how to maximize the value of LinkedIn's professional network

  • Accelerate your time to hire with enhanced hiring team collaboration

    Your hiring team can easily evaluate prospects, understand status of talent in the pipeline, and recommend candidates who might be a fit.

  • Save time with the projects experience

    Projects helps you manage your pipeline effectively with auto-generated status updates, profile shares, Suggested Profiles, and more.

  • The right roles for the right people at your company

    Internal Job Recommendations is a new type of Jobs distribution that will automatically show your relevant jobs to the right people in your organization

  • Custom Fields

    Zero in on the right candidate faster by tracking and searching for unique candidate details.

Product Resources & Best Practices!!!

  • 2016 Modern Recruiter's Guide

    In today's candidate marketplace, talent picks you. To stand out, modern recruiters must understand how people make career decisions and find ways to engage them throughout their candidate journey.

  • Make sure you are using the right Internet browsers

    In order to take full advantage of the next generation of Recruiter and other new upcoming enhancements, make sure that you are using a browser that aligns with our browser support policy.

  • 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report

    Our Global Recruiting Trends 2016 report is the largest survey of talent acquisition leaders. Download now to find out the trends and shifts that are shaping the recruiting landscape.

  • Improve your Boolean Searches with one easy trick

    Learn how you can make your Boolean search more effective just by using parentheses. And while you’re searching, try using the new search facet that allows you to filter by desired skills.

  • Report: Why & how people change jobs

    We asked 10K+ people globally why & how they changed jobs in 2015. We combined that with behavioral insights from 7 million LinkedIn members to give you one of the largest studies of job changers in the world.

  • Discover what talents wants at every step
    of their job search

    Read about professionals' motivations and behaviors throughout their job search to better understand your top candidates and exceed their expecatations during their job search.

  • Stay up-to-date with our product tips

    View our blog every Tuesday for tips on useful product features and how to get more out of them.

  • Build your recruiter brand to increase responses

    Learn the 6 steps to creating a strong personal brand and start attracting top talent.

  • Partner with your hiring manager for greater recruiting success

    "The Path to Influence with your Hiring Managers" video showcases real-world interaction between a LinkedIn recruiter and her hiring manager.

  • Discover 6 transformational trends from
    Talent Connect 2014

    Learn how to attract Gen Y professionals and empower advocates with highlights from our annual event.

  • Your Guide to writing Effective InMails

    From learning how and when to send an InMail, to leveraging Inmail analytics, master our InMail best practices

  • Common InMail Pitfalls

    Avoid these common pitfalls when writing InMail to potential candidates.

  • Personalization – The Key to Writing Effective InMail

    Read these 6 tips on how Recuiter can help you personalize your InMail

  • LinkedIn CheckIn Playbook

    Get the most from your recruiting events with these CheckIn best practices.

  • New and Improved Learning Center

    The redesigned Learning Center in Recruiter has a more user-friendly navigation, smarter search bar and more!

  • Recruiter Mobile Tip Sheet

    Get started using Recruiter Mobile to engage the best talent anywhere, anytime.