Updating leads the old way was no longer working

  • A company modeled for the new world of work, Paris-based Wojo is a real estate leader providing flexible workspaces across Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Wojo connects organizations to private office spaces, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces.
  • As part of a growth strategy, Wojo’s marketers sought to improve visibility and generate leads, as well as elevate other marketing communications and press releases. 
  • Brand awareness and lead generation were Wojo’s top marketing priorities. To reach goals, Wojo teamed up with two power players: LinkedIn for ads and Salesforce for lead management and processing. 
  • The rapid growth Wojo experienced led to an increase in volume of work involved with manually updating services they were already using. As Wojo’s Community and Social Media Manager Victoire Berdrin explains, “When we started investing in LinkedIn lead generation campaigns, it became too time consuming to export leads from LinkedIn and integrate them into Salesforce by hand.”

Let’s shake hands

  • Wojo was already using Salesforce as their CRM for marketing, sales, and operations. The platform enabled Wojo to centralize a lot of information in one tool, including the ability to track the evolution of a lead from the marketing lead stage to the signing of the contract.
  • Wojo had also been using LinkedIn for some time to create video ads, carousel ads, and sponsored content.
  • The opportunity was there according to Victoire: “The targeting possibilities have allowed LinkedIn to differentiate itself and to become a significant channel for our marketing strategy. LinkedIn’s user profile information is reliable compared to other social platforms, and allows us to target in the most precise way possible.”
  • It was all about finding efficiencies and synchronicities. The solution: get LinkedIn and Salesforce talking.

Instant actionable insights

  • By integrating these two existing tools, Victoire notes how Wojo significantly reduced the amount of time and labor involved in tracking leads. “Salesforce allows us to work collaboratively and centralize a lot of information in one tool, including the ability to track the evolution of a lead, from the marketing lead stage to the signing of the contract.”
  • Victoire’s time was freed up to focus on the real work of marketing. “It saved me many hours on tedious and uninteresting tasks, and permitted me to focus more on high value-added tasks.”
  • Through the integration, Wojo is now able to see a more complete picture of ad ROI. According to Victoire, “We have a complete view of our acquisition funnel, from the marketing lead to the contract’s signature, based on each of our acquisition channels. Because we know how much we spend on each channel, we know the ROI of each channel.”

Integrated data does more work for you

  • Wojo’s priority target is the B2B decision maker. Since LinkedIn is the most widely- used social platform for business, it is the place they turn to when they need to identify and prioritize members of buying committees.
  • Wojo’s targeting needs differ according to the size of the company, often including roles like CEO, CFO, HRD, and Real Estate Director.
  • With this integration in place, Wojo plans to make greater use of the LinkedIn and Salesforce partnership. According to Victoire, these plans include generating matched audiences automatically and creating lookalike audiences.