What you can do with LinkedIn conversion tracking

See how many leads you're getting from your campaigns

Record website conversions tied to your Sponsored Content or Text Ads campaigns, including content downloads, sign-ups, purchases, and more. Track how many times members converted after clicking on — or even just viewing — your ads.

Understand your advertising ROI

Measure the true value you’re getting from your advertising on LinkedIn on desktop and mobile, including return on ad spend, cost per conversion, and conversion rate — all using analytics right inside LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

Optimize for the results that matter

See which campaigns, ads, and audiences are driving leads for your business. Use this information to optimize your creative, targeting, offers, and more, without ever having to leave Campaign Manager.

Get up and running with conversion tracking in five easy steps

1. Choose where you want to track conversions

This is usually your company’s website.

Simply enter your high-level domain. You'll be able to track conversions on any part of your site, including subdomains.

2. Add the LinkedIn Insight Tag to your website

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a lightweight piece of javascript code that let’s you track website conversions from your campaigns.

Installing the tag on your site takes just a few minutes, and you only need to do it once.

Learn about the Insight Tag

3. Create a conversion action

An action is a rule that tells LinkedIn which events you want to count as a conversion, like when someone fills out a form on your website.

Learn about setting up conversion tracking

4. Add your conversion action to a campaign

Once you add an action, you can start recording conversions from that campaign.

You can add as many actions as you like to each campaign.

5. Measure your conversion performance with built-in analytics

As your campaign runs, you can monitor your conversion results in Campaign Manager. Use the data to optimize your campaigns.

Learn more about conversion measurement

LinkedIn conversion tracking success stories

“Conversion tracking makes it easy for me to see which campaigns are working and how I can optimize spend.”

Read how

Priyank Savla
Digital Marketing Manager
NetBrain Technologies

“LinkedIn conversion tracking lets us optimize our campaigns in real time. We have easily been able to adjust our programs based on the metrics that matter most.”

Divya Dutt
Sr. Manager for Search, Paid Social & Nurture

“Conversion tracking allows us to test every aspect of our LinkedIn ads. The data enable us to make better decisions and to optimize our marketing spend.”

Gianfranco Bellino
Marketing Manager

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