With a new stadium just two years away, Phil Horn, the VP of Ticket Sales and Service, reveals that his sales team needed a change.

By engaging with LinkedIn’s powerful sales tool, Sales Navigator, the Kings Ticket Sales Team was able to increase attendance by 20 percent, while also pushing deals up a staggering 42 percent.

“All of a sudden they have the power and the same skill set as anybody else to reach out to C-level contacts or business owners and engage with them.” The Kings Ticket Sales Team needed to increase capacity to strategize selling for their current and future facilities.

“One new rep was able to get in touch with a decision maker at a powerful law firm in town using Sales Navigator on her first try. The deal came together about 10 times faster than it would have using a cold calling approach.”

  • Starting with just 18 seats across the sales team in 2014, the Kings have since rolled out more than 40 Sales Navigator licenses.
  • The team’s new reps using Sales Navigator have increased the size of their deals by 42 percent compared to the previous class of reps, who were not using the tool.
  • The Kings’ deals sourced through LinkedIn are 3.2x larger than others.
  • Reps who use Sales Navigator have higher Social Selling Index (SSI) scores than those who don’t.
Learn more about how the Sacramento Kings increased their deals and attendance - by using Sales Navigator.

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