• How to Unlock Competitive Advantage

    The Sales profession is evolving. Discover how social selling can become a competitive advantage for you and your company. Learn the formula for success that your industry peers are using today, and seize this opportunity.

  • Blueprints for Success

    The world's leading social selling teams share the blueprints that led to success within their organizations. These blueprints provide a template that other Sales teams can follow to generate awareness and sponsorship, educate and train on the frontline, and ultimately create long term accountability.

  • The Challenger Customer

    Four years ago, “The Challenger Sale” overturned decades of conventional wisdom with a bold new approach to sales. Now our latest research in the follow-on book, “The Challenger Customer,” reveals something even more surprising: Being a Challenger seller isn’t enough. Your success or failure also depends on who you challenge. To win today, you need a Challenger inside the customer organization—a Mobilizer.

  • Networks of Strength

    Jarrett Barrios, CEO of The American Red Cross Los Angeles, discusses the importance of creating a strong network.

  • The Future of Sales on LinkedIn

    A sneak peek into the LinkedIn vision for Sales. LinkedIn Product leaders share new solutions that amplify the success of sales teams on the platform.

  • The Science of Social Selling

    The social selling movement finally has its defining metric, the Social Selling Index (SSI). See real world examples of how sales teams are embracing SSI to promote strong social selling behaviors, and learn how companies are quantifying and proving the impact to their results.

  • The LinkedIn Social Selling Journey

    Social selling doesn't happen overnight. From executives and sales leadership, to the individual salesperson, the story of LinkedIn's transformation into a social selling organization will help you navigate this journey within your own company.


  • Women in Leadership: Powerful Perspectives

  • The Power of Employee Activation: Build Relationships and Drive Results

  • The Marketing Leader - A Catalyst in the Social Selling Transformation

  • The Long Game - How to Build and Nurture Relationships Through Social Media and LinkedIn

  • The Buying Moment - How to Listen, Engage and Capitalize on Social Signals from Your Buyers

  • The Blurred Line Between Marketing and Selling in Today's B2B Social World

  • When Shaking Trees Isn't Enough - Selling into the C-Suite

  • Sales, Marketing and Operations - Cross functional Roles in Social Selling Programs

  • Proven Social Selling Strategies for Sales Hunters

  • Nothing But Net: How the NBA Cultivates a Social Selling Culture

  • Formula for Successful Social Selling: Maximizing your Outreach

  • Financial Reform: The Social Selling Act of 2015

  • Drop the Mic - Driving 100% Rep Adoption by Making Social Selling Fun

  • Managing Sales Rep Behavior Through SSI

  • Publish or Perish - Selling in the Age of Content Marketing


  • Social Selling: How to Unlock Competitive Advantage

  • The Future of Sales on LinkedIn

  • The Science of Social Selling: Measuring Adoption and Results With LinkedIn

  • Blueprints for Success: Transforming your Sales Organization