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What was the sales challenge?

The people that we market to and work with are the advisors and brokers that have relationships with institutions. But one of our marketing challenges is finding—with pinpoint accuracy—financial advisors with relationships to the key decision-makers at our targeted institutions. Serving a niche market via advisors, the team struggled to generate new leads on demand.

What results have you seen now that your team has deployed Sales Navigator?

Since introducing Sales Navigator, Nolan Financial has seen its leads skyrocket—a pipeline increase of over 70%. Sales Navigator isn’t just empowering the team to find new prospects, either—it’s finding the highly qualified ones. In 2014, only 25% of the prospects they evaluated were solid ones worth pursuing. Since deploying Sales Navigator, that number shifted to 85%.

Now we’re not spinning our wheels with bad prospects. Instead of waiting for leads to come in, we’re proactively going out and delivering the good ones to our partners, and as a result, are shifting the entire financial wholesaling model.

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