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How did you get involved with social selling and LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Well, I've been using LinkedIn quite a lot, for the last, I believe, six years. But what you guys did with Sales Navigator is put more structure and information around the sales process. That's what I liked from Sales Navigator. The fact that you can save the accounts, you can save leads for later and you get insights that relate to your prospects. It makes it easy for me to build relationships.

Have you used any of those insights and relationships to close any big deals?

Yes. One of the biggest accounts I landed some time ago ended up being valued at over $300,000. It was with one of the big banks here. Usually the cycle on deals like this takes six months or more, but Sales Navigator really accelerated that process.

Often one can spend months getting new referrals or trying to find the right person to talk to. Using Sales Navigator, I found a COO who shared the name of a contact at the bank. This was an important lead because the contact was in charge of a large customer experience initiative. The initiative was very important to the bank, so we set up a meeting quickly.

The insights and updates from Sales Navigator gave me detailed information about the initiative. I think it does a great job providing relevant information and sorting through all of the clutter around a lead. After a few meetings, we were able to close the deal and launch a new partnership with the bank.

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