Social selling transforms the way selling has been traditionally approached. Just like Facebook brought the real-world social experience to digital, social selling brings the sales function to the digital world. It makes the evolution of the sales role to align it with changing times.

LinkedIn acts as a catalyst in this evolution by introducing a tool that is not only an extension of its most widely used, global professional network, but also a platform where sharing content and developing thought leadership is extensively endowed. This unique combination makes Sales Navigator a powerhouse on social selling and empowers a salesperson with all the requisite capabilities to make the transition from “hard selling” to “smart selling.”

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The common pitfalls sales professionals encoutner with social selling
  • The art of "Smart Selling"using Sales Navigator
  • How PTC pioneered enterprise social selling at scale
  • How your sales organization measures against your customers’ expectation and competition

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