• By nature, the healthcare sector is a tough one to crack, with complex organizational structures and bureaucracy as the norm. Purchase decisions require buy-in from numerous parties and it’s not always easy for a company like Eko, which offers an AI platform for monitoring and management of heart disease, to identify and reach the right contacts.

  • Eko’s reps had previously relied on search engines to gather information about prospective accounts — a method they deemed inefficient.


Eko turned to Sales Navigator as a tool to pair with its existing platforms (Salesforce and SalesLoft) to take prospecting to the next level. Sales Navigator enables Eko’s team to get a much clearer, and more up-to-date, view of the key players at an account.

  • Pushing a deal across the finish line often means convincing not only doctors, but also stakeholders from IT, finance, procurement, and beyond. With Sales Navigator, Eko can confidently expand its buyer committee coverage, and reach out with insight.

  • “Having those key people aligned is incredibly important to our sales process,” says Healthcare Consultant Devin Burstein.


  • Aided by Sales Navigator and other tools, Eko has greatly bolstered its prospecting prowess and tripled the volume of their B2B pipeline — a critical priority for this growing VC-backed startup. The number of won opportunities has also tripled in the last year.

  • “We’re able to qualify leads with the information that’s up-to-date in Sales Navigator, get high response rates from InMail, and then also just create more opportunities that can lead to closing deals,” Burstein explains.

Staying on top of career moves:

  • Job changes and promotions are important catalysts for outreach, because when a contact starts working with a new organization or gains purchase influence, it can create a ripe opportunity. Being able to track these movements has been highly advantageous for Eko.

  • “We’ve had some of those people who have taken Eko with them and we’ve been able to capitalize on that knowledge and our previous history with them through LinkedIn,” says Steven Avila, Director of Sales Operations.

Setting up real-life connections:

  • One benefit Eko derives from using Sales Navigator is enrichment of opportunities through events and conferences.

  • “Prior to going to a conference, it’s not always easy to get a conference list, especially with the emails and people laid out for you,” says Burstein. “We like to stay ahead of the curve and get as much information about who’s going to be at the conference.”

  • With Sales Navigator, Eko’s reps can easily uncover useful details about people who will be in attendance and even spot noteworthy events like mentions in the news, creating grounds for a productive conversation.

Breaking through barriers:

  • As one example of the value he’s seen from Sales Navigator, Burstein mentions that he’d been trying to get in touch with the Chief Medical Officer at a major West Coast health system, but struggled to find contact information. He saved the contact as a lead in LinkedIn, noticed a couple of mutual connections, and scored a warm introduction.

  • “Next thing I know, I get a response from this person in Sales Navigator,” Burstein says. “We switch it over to email. We set up a demo. Now, this major health system is a partner of Eko.”

About Eko

The ability to listen is the ability to care. Eko understands how important listening can be for clinicians. We create digital health solutions that enable doctors, nurses, researchers and entire health systems to change how we care for the heart. Together, we can evolve the science of auscultation and empower the art of caring.

Our mission is to enable clinicians with the ability to provide the best cardiac care possible. We are a committed partner to the providers and scientists on the front lines of care.

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