• In the past, Account Manager Giacomo Viscardi had to trawl Google to find new companies. If he was targeting a new company, it was very difficult—if not impossible—to find the name of the right person to contact. In fact, it was the classic cold-calling dilemma.

New Approach

  • Using Sales Naviator’s Advanced Search, Giacomo can find new companies in a matter of minutes. With the relevant filters, Sales Navigator takes him straight to the right people to contact.
  • He uses the information on the lead page to find conversation starters and shared experiences for the first touch. A unique advantage to Sales Navigator is that he can then reach out directly via LinkedIn InMail if he’s not connected with the prospect.


  • In one memorable instance for Giacomo, he was able to find an interesting new company through Sales Navigator. Using the Function and Geography filters, it only took a couple of minutes to discover the right contact person, the Head of Material Purchasing for Plastics.
  • He sent her a direct InMail, and was able to introduce LANXESS to her over the phone. She then gave the contact details of the person replacing her, and Giacomo secured a personal appointment as a result. While still in the sales cycle, this deal now has enormous upside for the LANXESS team.
INDUSTRY: Chemicals
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 10,000+ employees
HQ LOCATION: Köln, Germany
ABOUT THE COMPANY: LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company based in Europe. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics.
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Giacomo Viscardi
Giacomo Viscardi
Account Manager
Global Sales Smart EP Solutions