Revolutionzing the sales process

Like their colleagues in delivery, Canada Post’s sales and marketing teams sought to upgrade their operations. They looked to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator to deliver innovations that would help them stay competitive. “The B2B decision-making process has changed,” says Jordanah Nekechuk, Manager, Marketing. Margaret Thomas, Director, Sales Effectiveness, adds, “Instead of needing one connection, we now needed to connect with five or six decision-makers – and sometimes many more. As a result, we needed to broaden our reach, and go both deeper and wider within the sales process.” Today’s buying process involves between four and six people on average. If sales can’t get everyone on board early, late additions can derail the deal.

LinkedIn was already a familiar resource for many of Canada Post’s staff, but Sales Navigator presented a unique opportunity to take advantage of social selling to establish reps’ credibility, build relationships across multiple decision-makers, and grow their business

Socializing Sales Navigator

Canada Post’s sales team fi rst started using Sales Navigator regionally – and began seeing tangible ROI right away. “The team was trying to break in with a particular account for some time, but we just couldn’t get past the gatekeeper,” says Judy Wang, Manager, Sales Effectiveness. “Once we rolled out Sales Navigator, the account executive used TeamLink and discovered a relationship to the prospect through another connection within the company. She asked for a warm intro, got a meeting with the decision-maker, and closed a deal worth more than 2X the cost of the initial investment.”

Soon, Canada Post rolled out Sales Navigator to their entire salesforce and marketing organization. To provide coaching on social selling, Canada Post’s Sales Effectiveness team hosted regular offi ce hours. And to measure the effectiveness of these efforts, leadership began tracking Social Selling Index (SSI) scores across the sales team month by month.

Before long, the sales team began driving opportunities through Sales Navigator, identifying prospects in new, relevant ways—for example, by company size, seniority level, and job function. Then, with the help of the marketing team, reps began regularly sharing targeted, useful content on LinkedIn, which helped establish their credibility with new leads and different decision-makers across different areas of a business. In this way, Sales Navigator offers the tools to identify and connect with more decision-makers throughout an organization— and provides real reasons to stay in touch with them throughout the deal cycle.

Transforming a traditional business

Today, social selling with Sales Navigator is integral to Canada Post’s sales strategy and success. “It’s that sense of preparation and not going in cold that is so distinctive with Sales Navigator,” says Thomas. “Our people have really embraced it.” When Canada Post sales reps engage with buyers, they’re more informed and more confi dent. They know the prospect’s business, and they know they have the credibility they need to make a real connection.

Better targeting. More leads. More infl uence. With advantages like these, it’s no wonder Sales Navigator quickly began to deliver results for Canada Post, generating 58X ROI within its fi rst year and infl uencing 17.6% of Canada Post’s pipeline. In short, Sales Navigator has been a welcome addition to Canada Post, helping bring new energy and new relationships to this storied Canadian institution.

About Canada Post

At 253 years old, Canada Post is reinventing Canada’s postal system to meet the needs of consumers and businesses in the digital age. In the highly competitive parcel delivery space, big players (like UPS) and disruptive startups (like Uber) may be threats, but Canada Post has leveraged the explosive growth of e-commerce to become the country’s top parcel company, while also developing a fresh approach to direct marketing.

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In their own words


“You still have to prospect. You still have to do account management. But with Sales Navigator, I can make the steps in that process much more effective.”

Margaret Thomas, Director Sales Effectiveness



“Sales Navigator lets me show prospects that I am a subject matter expert – that I know what I'm talking about and that I have value to add to their company.”

Jamie Briggs, Development Manager eCommerce Business


“Instead of going into an account cold, Sales Navigator gives me the knowledge I need to stand out. I’m more credible and more professional — and I come in ready to have a productive conversation.”

Louie Pellizzari, Account Manager