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PA’s team of Partners and Managing Consultants have leveraged Sales Navigator to help identify multiple introduction points across their portfolio of clients in the first 12 months.

Sales Navigator has helped the firm net some impressive results, according to Low. “One such example, we were able to connect with the Chief Executive of one of the largest consumer brands on the planet, all stemming from a comment that was surfaced by Sales Navigator and backed up by a Partner engaging in conversation with that person.”

A robust update to PA’s CRM has made Sales Navigator an invaluable part of their tech stack. “It fits really well with the way that we run our sales technologies,” says Barton.

The TeamLink feature in Sales Navigator has extended PA’s reach by enabling warm introductions. “At scale, TeamLink is one of the most powerful features Sales Navigator offers,” says Low.

Sales Navigator also helps maintain those first-degree connections, even through career changes. “It’s beneficial to see where former colleagues are now working, often in some of our target organizations.”

Low goes on to explain that their targets can be categorized in one of three ways: “The people that we know that we talk to every day, the people that we want to get to know, and the people that we should be aware of, such as those in the C-suite.” This full spectrum of connections enables several paths to making organic introductions.

Barton has seen how users within the organization have adapted to the Sales Navigator strategy and offers this insight: “Our sales strategy was changing, which meant that the behaviors and activities that we wanted from our people were changing. This created a demand for a tool like LinkedIn Sales Navigator.” Changing behavior to drive demand, rather than simply driving adoption of technology for its own sake, is central to PA’s philosophy.

Sales Navigator offers information and insights about organizations that PA wouldn’t normally have access to: “Syncing LinkedIn with our CRM, gives us the opportunity for our CRM to be as up to date as it can be” Low explains. “One of the most powerful assets we are now leveraging is relationships. Sales are built on relationships. By bringing insights from Sales Navigator into our CRM, we can uncover where those relationships are through Teamlink and Teamlink Extend. As it stands currently, we’re just shy of a million unique introductions.”

Those who typically operate in more technical spaces are discovering the ease with which they can make new connections. “Rather than having to set up a meeting, our people can make those same introductions and inroads via Sales Navigator.”