• RBO PrintLogistix, a B2B print and marketing services company, had transformed its sales strategy to focus on higher-value prospects and growing existing accounts. But it was difficult for its sales representatives to find accurate contact information for potential leads, as well as get responses to their outreach efforts.

  • “People were using LinkedIn to look up the name, title, and possible phone number of different contacts they were trying to reach out to,” says David Hunnius, RBO PrintLogistix’s Chief Revenue Officer, “But, only a few were using Sales Navigator, which they had invested in on their own. And some people had really never used LinkedIn at all.”


  • RBO PrintLogistix decided to participate in a year-long pilot of Sales Navigator with 14 licensed users to support prospecting those high-value targets on a larger scale, integrating it with the company’s Hubspot CRM.

  • Conducting sales research, identifying decision-makers, and getting their contact information can be time consuming. Sales Navigator not only provides the RBO team with higher-value prospects in its target markets on a larger scale, but it also enables them to reach out directly through InMail—enabling RBO PrintLogistix’s sales representatives to focus their time and efforts more efficiently.


  • RBO PrintLogistix immediately saw the effect of Sales Navigator’s impact. The sales team receives more visibility into key players and promotes greater engagement and faster responses. “Sales Team members are very, very pleased with the ability to cut through some of the gates they had with their previous LinkedIn subscription and get something back like, ‘Hey, David, I’m not interested, but thank you.’ Or, ‘Hey, David, thank you for reaching out, not me, but it’s this person.’ Or, ‘Hey, yeah. When can you get on a call?’” says Hunnius.

  • As a result of the pilot program, RBO saw $400,000 in incremental new business and an average of 20 leads per user

Opening up new markets and making a difference:

  • At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, RBO PrintLogistix was able to use Sales Navigator to leverage new opportunities for growth within existing target markets as well as entry into new ones to quickly assist businesses during this challenging time.

  • “We have a significant amount of our existing business that’s healthcare-focused, but we’ve expanded outside of our current client structure, adding businesses like school districts and emergency management agencies,” says Hunnius. “The timing of us having LinkedIn Sales Navigator was fortuitous in that regard. The best part of it is that we’ve been able to help a lot of people.”

Support for the shift to online sales calls:

  • The almost total shutdown of offices, in-person meetings, and business travel in the spring of 2020 to limit the spread of COVID-19 forced RBO PrintLogistix’s sales staff to conduct the majority of their research and sales calls online. Sales Navigator supported that transition as well.

  • “Pre-pandemic, I would say it was probably 85-90% face to face. Through today, it’s probably less than 10%,” says Hunnius. “Our team has embraced it, using the technology and video tools, including LinkedIn, to navigate and make those things happen.”

Learning InMail best practices:

  • Being able to instantly contact prospects through InMail was a particular benefit to RBO PrintLogistix, as were the knowledge, resources, and tips offered by the LinkedIn team on how to deploy it.

  • “They’ve done a great job in giving us other things to think about when we’re using InMail, how to be more effective, and what their research shows,” says Hunnius.

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