Identifying key contacts within target companies.


Today, Touch & Sell uses LinkedIn for all of their following needs:

  • Prospecting
  • Identifying key target contacts
  • Finding information about contacts in their CRM database

Touch & Sell uses the CRM sync feature, which connects Salesforce to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and provides up-to-date information about their contact’s professional profiles.


The team at Touch & Sell was able to land one of their key clients using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Chief Sales Officer, Baptiste Gervais, was targeting a Director of Sales & Marketing at a key account. He decided to use InMail in his outreach, and was able to get his prospect’s attention without competing with a crowded inbox.

INDUSTRY: Business Supplies & Equipment
HQ LOCATION: Paris, France
ABOUT THE COMPANY: With Touch & Sell, you can empower your sales personnel by creating a team-specific sales app independently in the back-office, collaborating seamlessly with the marketing department, and facilitating your team presentations.
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Baptiste Gervais
Baptiste Gervais
Chief Sales Officer
Touch & Sell