• With a strong value proposition and a clear target group, Aklamio is seen as an industry leader in the Energy, Telco and Finance sectors.
  • It was important to Aklamio to engage with the right prospects to fuel productive partnerships. This meant finding the appropriate decision-maker who’s seeking to expand their company’s acquisition channels.

New Approach:

  • Sales Navigator is now the first place Aklamio turns to find related contacts of inbound and outbound leads.
  • InMail allows them to spark a conversation without having access to contact details or having previously connected, which is not easy with C-level executives.
  • Their approach is to share an initial piece of information with PointDrive, without being too invasive and providing value with their content. PointDrive then gives insight to whether the prospect has viewed the document, which in turn hints towards their interest level.


  • Since starting with Sales Navigator, the Aklamio team has greatly reduced the time spent on identifying and engaging with the key leads at a given company.
  • They noted a 2x increase on the response rate for contacts approached over LinkedIn, which resulted in the ability to quickly create more qualified opportunities.
INDUSTRY: IT & Services
HQ LOCATION: Berlin, Germany
Marcus Suiter
Marcus Suiter
CSO and Co-Founder