Moving into new sales spheres

As a multinational business management software provider, BMC makes it easier for every company to transform to a digital enterprise. But the decision to go digital is no longer solely in the hands of CIOs and IT teams. BMC began to notice that buying power was shifting to new audiences, in different divisions of an organization, and sales teams were starting to miss out on crucial decision-makers. Will Stephen, Director – Sales Operations at BMC Software, says, “There were suddenly all-new networks we needed to reach.”

These new networks meant more ground to cover, more people to connect with – in places where BMC sales reps might have had less experience and fewer relationships. If BMC was going to target these new audiences, it was going to have to find new ways to understand them, build credibility with them, and connect with them.

A new way to reach new markets

Going after new markets meant big changes: New narratives. New knowledge. And new tools and tactics. Up until this point, BMC had been using tried-and-true sales tactics to build new connections: Purchased lists. Cold-calling and emailing. The volume game. And, while these methods got solid results, BMC wanted to push the envelope even further, increasing response rates and delivering more pipeline by increasing their investment in customer engagement. “We needed something to help us navigate new networks, find the right people, and create a real connection,” says Stephen. And Sales Navigator was just the tool to help, offering the BMC team more targeted outreach and warmer connections, making every interaction more valuable.

Proving themselves to new audiences

“Sales Navigator helped BMC flip traditional cold-calling on its head,” says Stephen – not only in finding new leads, but in quickly establishing credibility within these new markets, so prospects would actually listen. Using Sales Navigator, BMC made twice as many connections to decision-makers in key segments – and saw a 40x return on investment.

What makes the difference? Lead Builder, for one. “Lead Builder helps me find new people in new networks,” says Logan McNeilly, a Business Development Representative at BMC. “It lets me search in new ways – by function, groups, interests – and helps me find leads who actively use LinkedIn, so they’re more likely to respond.” Using Lead Builder, BMC greatly increased connections in business functions beyond IT: Connections in Finance, for instance, have more than doubled.

But it’s not just leads that Sales Navigator delivers – it’s credibility. And, more important, credibility at speed. Sales teams need to move fast in new markets to gain a foothold before competitors can take over. That’s tricky, though, when you also need to ramp up and prove you know your stuff to new audiences.

With Sales Navigator, BMC has access to a continuous feed of social posts, job updates, and other news that gives them the knowledge they need to become experts in new prospects’ business. “By seeing updates from prospects, you learn what really matters to them,” says Stephen. “You’re not just talking product – you’re talking about their industry and concerns, and it shows you understand them.” And because insights just keep coming, instead of weak leads that fizzle quickly, Sales Navigator gives BMC meaningful reasons to stay in contact with prospects throughout the deal cycle.

This new knowledge definitely helped make the difference for BMC. When establishing a new Latin American market, for instance, BMC’s LATAM Inside Sales Leader Alejandro Cabral brought in 67 new accounts in just six months of using Sales Navigator, driving $3.4M in pipeline after three quarters.

Sales Navigator not only works well with the existing sales culture at BMC – it actually enhances it. Sales Navigator’s Social Selling Index, for instance, goes beyond mere metrics of how teams are doing – it’s also a platform for improvement. “The SSI helps team members improve their overall sales presence,” says Cabral. “And that gives you even more credibility with your audience. Which only improves your ability to connect.” By helping the BMC sales team quickly ramp up their credibility, Sales Navigator dramatically improved the team’s presence in new markets. 

About BMC

BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. BMC’s Digital Enterprise Management solutions are designed to make digital businesses fast, seamless, and optimized from mainframe to mobile to cloud and beyond. BMC digital IT transforms 82 percent of the Fortune 500 and serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide.

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In their own words


“Sales Navigator is the first tool that’s really designed with sales people in mind: It’s easy to use, useful on a daily basis, and requires only minimal training." 

Alejandro A. Cabral, LATAM Inside Sales Leader


“No other vehicle lets you expand out of your own network and make real connections the way Sales Navigator does.”

Will Stephen, Director, Sales Operations


“Sales Navigator gives you the insights to both build and maintain real relationships throughout the entire sales cycle.”

Arlene Orth, Business Development Representative