• Working with clients in the mechanical engineering industry, Cad Disegni faces high standards of service, and sensitivities over intellectual property. Earning trust through credibility and professionalism is essential.
  • The company wasn’t seeing strong ROI results with traditional methods like telemarketing, events, exhibitions.


  • By implementing Sales Navigator, Cad Disegni was able to solidify achievable targets and objectives.
  • Equipped with intelligence and insights from LinkedIn, the sales team started bypassing gatekeepers and reaching decision makers directly. This brought tremendous efficiency to their processes.


  • Since adopting Sales Navigator, Cad Disegni has shortened its sales cycle while lowering costs and increasing deal sizes.
  • “We are starting a conversation with the final decision maker from Day 1,” says Sofia Cabrini of the Commercial & Marketing Department.
  • Even in cases where leads are not converted into customers, Cabrini says her team is now developing more fruitful relationships with key contacts.
INDUSTRY: Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
LOCATION: Piacenza, Italy
ABOUT THE COMPANY: C.A.D. DISEGNI is a mechanical engineering firm that for 20 years has combined the work of design and mechanical engineering with continuous innovation to ensure high levels of quality in all areas of work.
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Sofia Cabrini
Sofia Cabrini
Commercial & Marketing Dept
Cad Disegni