Looking for ways to increase sales effectiveness

In 2015, looking to enhance the overall productivity and effectiveness of their sales processes, the Infosys sales team identified two key areas for improvement: prospecting for new leads, and keeping those leads engaged throughout the sales cycle.

Infosys’ clients are typically enterprise companies with thousands of employees – a large pool of potential leads. But that meant Infosys’ primary prospecting challenge wasn’t finding people to talk to; it was finding the right people to talk to. Furthermore, they needed to find these crucial stakeholders before their competitors, or risk losing the deal. And, with a deal cycle that often lasts months, it was imperative that the team found ways to keep prospects engaged throughout the entire sales process.

To do all of this, the team first needed greater visibility into their own selling activities. “There’s only so much productivity enhancement you can deliver after an opportunity has surfaced,” says Nitesh Aggarwal, AVP, Sales Effectiveness, at Infosys. “We needed a solution that could provide insight into which stakeholders we should be engaging with, when we should be engaging with them, and which approaches would work best.” The solution to all these challenges? LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

A prospecting tool for both new and existing accounts

The Infosys sales team started by leveraging Sales Navigator to expand their reach into existing accounts. “We work with companies that typically employ over 10,000 people,” says Nitesh. “So there’s a high probability that one of our reps will know someone who can provide a warm introduction to any given account. Sales Navigator definitely helped to uncover these connections.”

To reach entirely new accounts, the team not only had to find key stakeholders, they had to find them fast – to stay ahead of competitors. “Before Sales Navigator, there wasn’t an easy way to access the information we needed to understand a target account or prospect,” says Sanjeev Bode, AVP, New Business Development. “But now I can go to one place and quickly find out who are the business leaders and decision-makers that I need to reach.”

Engaging prospects anywhere in the sales journey

Although initially the sales team was mostly attracted to the prospecting features of Sales Navigator, as they learned more about the platform’s full capabilities, they realized its potential in keeping prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle. “Once we’ve identified a key stakeholder, Sales Navigator really helps us keep nurturing that opportunity,” says Nitesh.

This in turn led to new discoveries about how to optimize the sales process. “I’ve found that each phase requires me to connect with a new set of contacts,” says Nitesh. “It’s beautiful and compelling how Sales Navigator helps us reach those different individuals at different points in time, depending on our needs.”

Sourcing more deals and winning at a higher rate

Looking at the numbers, it’s clear that Sales Navigator has had a major impact on improving sales productivity at Infosys. The team also found that, beyond helping them better understand prospects and increase efficiency in their process, Sales Navigator could actually help generate pipeline: 31% of deals closed were sourced from social selling with Sales Navigator. And with those deals, Infosys found a 30% higher winrate compared to those not influenced by the platform.

“Sales Navigator has enabled our entire sales organization in various useful ways,” says Jagjit. And, as they continue to push their social selling capabilities, Infosys is sure to find new ways to further increase effectiveness and boost productivity.

About Infosys

Infosys is a global leader in technology services and consulting, helping clients develop and execute digital transformation strategies to enhance engineering, application development, knowledge management, business process management, and more. Founded in 1981 by seven engineers, the firm now employs more than 200,000, has customers in over 50 countries, and generates $10B in annual revenue.

INDUSTRY: Information Technology & Services
NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 200,000+
HQ LOCATION: Bangalore, India

In their own words


“Sales Navigator helps us connect with and engage prospects at different phases throughout the sales cycle.”

Nitesh Aggarwal, AVP, Sales Effectiveness



“At the end of the day, people buy from people they like and trust. And that’s what Sales Navigator does for us; it helps us make those connections.”

Jagjit Singh, Manager, Sales Strategy and Transformation


“I live on Sales Navigator, because it gives me unprecedented information about my prospects and accounts. Ultimately, the more time I spend on it, the more it enriches my network and relationships.”

Sanjeev Bode, AVP, New Business Development