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Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth the investment?

In 2023, LinkedIn commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a global Total Economic Impact™ study to determine the return on investment (ROI) of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In this sub-set of the global TEI study, focused on the use of Sales Navigator in Europe, Sales Navigator was found to lead to a 20% increase in the number of closed/won opportunities in Year 1, and a 2x increase in outreach with quality leads.

Discover the main benefits identified by Forrester below, and read the full global study for the full details, including methodology and customer testimonials.

Revenue growth Sales productivity Research efficiency Data accuracy Buyer intent

Gain in net operating profit due to the increase in sales opportunities

By leveraging more accurate data, higher-quality leads, and improved messaging, the European organisations experienced an increase in qualified sales opportunities, leading to more closed/won deals and ultimately generating additional revenue.

Revenue Growth
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Productivity gains and license cost elimination due to the consolidation of legacy sales tools

The representatives described how their businesses achieved cost savings by reducing the number of tools and subscriptions, resulting in lower licensing fees and maintenance costs associated with those tools. By streamlining their sales tech stack, sales teams were able to concentrate their time and energy on utilising and maximising the value of the remaining tools. This elimination of multiple systems reduced the need for switching between platforms, minimised distractions, and enhanced productivity.

The composite company saved 16,250 sales hours a year
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Efficiencies gained in sales research efforts

By leveraging accurate and detailed professional data, automated capabilities, and seamless CRM integration, the organisations’ sales teams more efficiently identified qualified leads ready to buy and engaged prospects with more effective messaging, resulting in increased opportunities and a positive impact on the bottom line.

15% Sales time saved each week
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Data accuracy and enrichment

Since Sales Navigator is built on the established LinkedIn professional platform, the organiszations’ sales team benefitted from access to real-time, first-party professional data, as it ensured data accuracy and empowered the sales teams to approach the available information with confidence.

Global network with 950 million members
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Identification of high-value leads with intent to buy

Sales Navigator incorporates a feature that identifies and reports buyer intent, enabling the organizations’ sales teams to track a prospect’s journey, prioritiszing those most likely to engage based on intent signals such as responding to an InMail, visiting the organiszations’ LinkedIn pages, and interacting with its posts. This functionality empowered the sales teams to prioritise their efforts efficiently and concentrate on high-value prospects who are more likely to make a purchase.

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*LinkedIn commissioned Forrester to undertake this TEI study. Forrester does not endorse a company or its solution, and clients cannot purchase favorable opinions or results. Forrester maintains editorial control over any content created. For more information visit

**This information derives from LinkedIn proprietary data and is supplemental to Forrester's TEI Study findings.