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Key LinkedIn Features for Account Managers

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is best known as a sales productivity tool, but it has unrivaled capabilities as an account management tool as well. Using Sales Navigator, account managers can:

  • See updates for their entire book of clients

  • Get a holistic view of accounts

  • Communicate with clients
  • Cross-sell
  • Upsell
  • Provide lead recommendations to the sales team

Customer Intelligence in Action

Suppose you manage the account of a large tech customer, who within the last six months hired a new executive to oversee the area of their company that utilizes your solution. Using LinkedIn, you could:

  • See who at your company may be connected with the new executive

  • Directly connect with the executiveSee who else the executive is connecting with at their company

  • See who the executive is connecting with at companies that may be competitors or partners (which may indicate a strategic shift)
  • Monitor the executive’s LinkedIn activity for insight and engagement cues
  • Monitor who else the company is hiring in roles having to do with your solution
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  • Syncing contact and account data provides an accurate, real-time view into accounts

  • Relationship data can alert account managers when a relationship may be at risk

  • Activity monitoring can quickly turn into an upselling or cross-selling opportunity

  • Engagement opportunities on the platform give account managers a way to stay top-of-mind among key stakeholders
  • Content and messaging opportunities give account managers a way to build credibility among the types of professionals they serve
  • The ability to track personnel changes within an account allows account managers to prioritize which relationships they should try to initiate or strengthen

  • The technology is compatible – contacts at your key accounts use and communicate with LinkedIn as well

  • Data and insights from LinkedIn can help account managers go from servicing accounts to helping them achieve strategic growth