Live Webcast
LinkedIn and The Women in Sales Awards

12.30 - 13.15 GMT
Tuesday, 29th July
45 minutes


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LinkedIn has teamed up with the Women in Sales Awards to host a live webcast dedicated to the sales professional.

We'll be showcasing what a great sales leaders profile looks like on LinkedIn, plus we'll be joined by Maggie Buggie, VP and Global Head of Digital Sales and Markets, at Capgemini who will share her lessons learned from a successful career in sales.

Our 45 minute session will cover:

  • The importance of a strong online brand, plus tips for standing out as a sales leader on LinkedIn

  • Ideas for making a lasting impression in the workplace, and getting the most from your sales role

  • How to stay authentic whilst still achieving your professional goals

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Featured speakers

  • Maggie Buggie
    Maggie Buggie
    VP and Global Head of Digital Sales and Markets
  • Amy Miller
    Amy Miller
    Senior Marketing Manager