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According to Gartner, account 
growth remains one of the top 
CSO priorities in 2020.  Unfortunately, retention 
has dropped by 3% 
on average.

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illustration of two people in conversation at a workstation.
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  • Lead Updates
    Be one of the first to know when your contacts change roles, has a work anniversary or connects with someone in your network.
  • Shares
    Understand what your contacts care about by seeing their professional shares on LinkedIn.
  • Company Updates
    Receive key information about your accounts as they post to their Company Page.
  • In the News
    See when people or companies are mentioned in the news, sourced from sites across the web.
  • Potential Leads
    Identify new potential contacts or decision makers when accounts make new key hires.
Sales Navigator demo screen
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  • Search for the company, navigate to its Account Page—Save Account
  • Review the basic information on the Account Page
  • Check the News & Insights tab for relevant recent news and updates
  • Navigate to view All Employees
    1. Filter for C-Level—Save CEO & other relevant leaders
    2. Use filters to walk down the hierarchy— VP, Director, Manager
    3. Use keywords/function to quickly identify your contact(s) or people
      in specific roles
  • Save a minimum of 7 people
  • Pay attention to the automated sales alerts emails on your accounts
    1. Job changes?
    2. Mentions in the news?
  • Every morning check the Sales Navigator home feed
  • Continue identifying new contacts
    1. Lead Recommendations
    2. ‘Discover’ tab
    3. Mobile app daily suggestions
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  • Surfacing a potential opportunity for the customer to improve a business process
  • Introducing the customer to another partner who can help address a key issue
  • Packaging up the latest industry research with your summary of the key trends and your unique perspective on the issues
  • Admitting that your company can’t help solve a problem today but suggesting alignment with the customer’s future strategy

Investing time and not pressuring the customer demonstrates that you truly care about helping their company succeed. And that goes a long way to convincing the customer that you are the right strategic partner.

The percentage of organizations boasting deep relationships with their customers has actually dropped by 4%. CSO Insights 2019 World-Class
Sales Practices Study
Gartner finds that customer improvement increases the odds of preventing competitor consideration by 32%.
  • Providing customers with a unique perspective on how they might operate (i.e., new ways to make money, save money, mitigate risk, etc.)
  • Offering a vision forward for their business
  • Explaining the potential ROI of taking action on an improvement opportunity

Conversations that offer customers a new way to think about or improve their business tend to be more effective at driving both retention and growth. Better yet, they position you as a strategic advisor delivering measurable value. And that means the customer is less likely to think about starting a relationship with a new—unproven—competitor.

Drive customer improvement and you can increase the likelihood of account growth by 45%. Gartner: Position Sales Teams 
to Grow Accounts, Not Just 
Retain Them
Sellers who excel at providing perspective and insights during the sales process realize 23% higher win rates compared to those who fall short 
of expectations. CSO Insights 2018-2019 
Sales Performance 
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