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About PointDrive

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What it does:

PointDrive is a sales application that improves the way that sales professionals engage buyers with personalized outreach throughout the sales cycle. PointDrive also allows your sellers to track viewer activity to better gauge intent and follow up more effectively. 

Who it's for:

PointDrive is available for Sales Navigator Team and Sales Navigator Enterprise accounts only. If you'd like to learn more, please contact your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or contact us.

With PointDrive you can...

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a PointDrive presentation for your buyer by adding relevant sales files (including PowerPoint decks, PDFs, URLs, maps, and videos) along with a custom message for your buyer.

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Update and add

new content to the PointDrive presentation at any time to keep buyers informed and engaged throughout the sales process.

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your PointDrive presentation with buyers by including the link in InMail and email messages.

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Receive notifications

when buyers and new key stakeholders interact with PointDrive, and review which files had the most views to customize your follow up conversations.

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Identify key stakeholders

at the account when your PointDrive presentation is forwarded to new viewers.

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Spread the success

Use PointDrive for a successful sale. Help others on your team win deals by sharing PointDrive presentations between team members.

When to use PointDrive


After the First Call: You can send a PointDrive presentation for one of two purposes:

  • Preparing prospects for the materials that will be covered.
  • Recapping the previous call, including more information and any follow-ups.

Deal Cycle Follow-up: Continue to add relevant files to the same presentation to follow up throughout the deal cycle. In some cases, you might want to add additional product, feature, or service information.

Pilot Resources: Whenever you conduct a pilot, you should use PointDrive to send Pilot Resources to the prospect. This can be a great way to organize all the pilot materials in one place for the prospect.

Sending Contracts: Use PointDrive to send the contract to your prospect. This way, you can track activity and viewers on the contract in real-time. You can also prevent downloads and password protect your PointDrive presentations when you’re including any sensitive information.  


Kickoff: Consider sending a Kickoff PointDrive presentation to your customer after the deal is signed. You can include set-up information and any other helpful resources to get your customer started.

Webinar or Meeting Recaps: After you completed a phone call or webinar with your customer, use a PointDrive presentation to recap the webinar. You can include meeting notes, the deck presented, the link to the recording, and any other resources that were mentioned during the call.

Newsletter: Treat PointDrive as a newsletter to continue to stay in touch with your customer. Send links to relevant industry articles, best practices, and product/service announcements. This is a lightweight way for you to remind customers of your expertise.

Business Review/Renewals: Use PointDrive to organize your business reviews or renewals. Send over the new contract to your customer. Use this to pre-wire your decision maker for the conversation or as a recap that they can share with other stakeholders at that organization. 

How to Access PointDrive

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  1. Log in to your Sales Navigator account.
  2. On the top dashboard, click on the PointDrive icon. 

How to Create a PointDrive Presentation

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  1. Go to PointDrive.
  2. On the home page, click on New Presentation. You will be taken to the editing mode of a new presentation. There, you will see:

A. You can apply your organization's logo to maintain consistency and professionalism across your and your teams' communications. Reach out to your organization's communications team for high-quality images.

B. Get a shareable link to your PointDrive here.

C. Preview your PointDrive here to better see what your audience will see. 

D. Apply a background image here. Reach out to your organization's communications team for high-quality and relevant images.

E. Personalize your profile to your target audience. You can include a website that is most relevant to them.

F. Open your PointDrive with a personalized welcome message to better engage your audience.

G. Next to each asset that your share, provide a brief description or value proposition for your audience.

H. You can attach different types of media here, such as a file, video, map, or URL. You can add an unlimited number of assets; the file size limit is 250MB each. It's possible to add certain settings for each presentation such as a password. Learn more about managing presentation settings.

I. End your PointDrive with a closing message, such as letting the audience know where to best reach you or a call to action.


PointDrive Creation Best Practices

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LinkedIn Profile

Import your LinkedIn profile as a way to establish your professional brand and identity.

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Quality or Quantity

Generally, presentations with three to seven assets have the best engagement.

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Video & Web

Video content performs best at the top. Also, avoid putting URL links at the top as the viewer’s attention might outside of your presentation.

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Always preview to catch any errors or get a better sense of what your audience will experience.

How to Adjust Presentation Settings

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  1. Go to the editing mode of your PointDrive presentation. 
  2. In the top right corner, click on ... .
  3. In the settings window:
  • Prevent downloads: Prevent users from downloading content from your presentation
  • Password protect: Require viewers to enter a password to access the presentation
  • Set expiration date: Set a date that access to this presentation will expire
  • Disable activity notifications: Turn off your email notifications for this presentation
  • Prevent copying: Prevent colleagues on your Sales Navigator contract from copying this presentation
  • Categories: Add categories to share your presentation on the Team Presentations list

How to Gain Insights from PointDrive

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  1. Go to PointDrive.

On the home page, click on Insights. You'll see the following tabs:

  • Activity: This page aggregates viewer actions in chronological order. You can filter by All, External or Internal.
  • Stats: This page provides a snapshot of your PointDrive usage by showing you the number of presentations you've created and which content received the most views.

How to View Presentations

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  1. Go to PointDrive.

On the home page, click on Presenations. You'll see the following tabs:

  • My Presentations: Any presentations that you're currently building or those that have already been completed and shared with others
  • Team Presentations: When a team member on your Sales Navigator dashboard creates a presentation they can choose to make it visible to the team. 

Note: To copy your teammates' presentations:

Click Copy next to the presentation title to create a copy of the presentation with you as the author so you can share with your customers. You can edit this copy and save changes as you would when creating a presentation. Keep in mind that based on the team member's presentation settings, copying might be disabled.

CRM Write-back

For Microsoft Dynamics Users

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To optimize your use of Point Drive and Microsoft Dynamics, work with your Sales Navigator Admin to enable Sales Navigator data to sync back to your CRM. This will:

  • enable you to receive a “View Alert” email when your Point Drive is accessed.
  • create a new activity type record linked to a matched Lead in CRM.

Tip: Share the following article with your Sales Navigator Admin to help them enable Sales Navigator data to sync back to your CRM: Point Drive Admin Overview.