Gather success stories

Offer real-world proof whenever possible by showcasing the tactics and, more importantly, the results of your advanced social sellers. Showing sales reps what they can personally gain is critically important to implementing a successful program. Gathering success stories is a great way to do this.

Ask users to submit success stories via a dedicated email address or internal communication forum ie. Chatter, Yammer etc.

The success story should include:

Example Success Story

"I used Sales Navigator to find someone at Company A with CRM as a skill set. I sent an InMail to that person, who ended up introducing me to the CIO. We established a strong relationship with the IT team and ended up closing a $60k opportunity"

"Recently there has been a lot of executive changes at Company B. Sales Navigator helped me identify new stakeholders and build out a plan of attack with regards to a coverage strategy. Should result in a large upsell deal for Q2/3 this year.  Approx value $350K"


More resources

Example communications to launch a success story gathering exercise


If you have any additional queries, please contact your LinkedIn Relationship Manager.