Why is CRM Integration important?

Sales Navigator's CRM Integration creates a seamless experience across both Sales Navigator and your CRM, saving your reps valuable time while ensuring that the most relevant sales activities are properly captured and logged in CRM.

Once all elements are implemented, Sales Navigator's CRM integration will help you understand what activities on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator are helping your team source and influences deals that you're capturing in your CRM.


CRM Integration options for Salesforce & Dynamics

Understand what offerings are available and the benefits of each

CRM Widget for Salesforce & Dynamics
View LinkedIn and Sales Navigator's up-to-date information where you’re already tracking other sales activity, improving productivity and data accuracy.

  • Identify commonalities between your sales team and their prospects to begin conversations using Icebreakers
  • Uncover the best way to get introduced to your prospects via TeamLink
  • Help Identify all of the key decision makers in your prospect's buying cycle by utilizing Related Leads

CRM Sync for Salesforce & Dynamics
Log Sales Navigator activity directly into CRM, and automatically import accounts, contacts, and lead records that your team is actively working from CRM into Sales Navigator

  • Automatically import CRM Contact, Lead, Account records from Open Opportunities into Sales Navigator
  • Write-Back InMails and Messages directly to CRM
  • Write-Back notes directly to CRM and view records in CRM with one click on Lead and Account Pages 

How to Integrate your CRM with Sales Navigator

Follow these guides to connect your CRM to Sales Navigator. If you are not a CRM administrator, you will need to include a CRM administrator to complete some steps within the installation process.

Using CRM to allocate Sales Navigator seats

An added benefit of LinkedIn's CRM Integration is a substantial time saving when distributing licenses to your team.


If you have any additional queries, please contact your LinkedIn Relationship Manager.