Sales Navigator: unique features and benefits

Sales Navigator’s unique features are tailor-made for sales professionals and include access to Premium Business features:

  • Advanced Lead and Company Search: Leverage 50+ Advanced Search filters (e.g., function, seniority level, location, industry) to pinpoint the right buyers and decision-makers faster.

  • Relationship Map: Create a dynamic org chart that provides accounts teams with critical alerts on key leads, and identify opportunities to fill out a buying committee.

  • CRM integration: Connect with your existing CRM to seamlessly track and manage leads and sales activities.

  • TeamLink: Tap into your company’s network to reveal the best path into prospect and customer accounts.

Sales Navigator gets full access to Premium Business features.



Premium Business

Sales Navigator

Who's viewed your profile

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Limited view
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Extended Network Access

View and contact members outside of your 1st/2nd degree networks
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Search filters

Find the right leads and accounts
Basic search filters
Limited search filters
50+ advanced lead and account search filters


Send direct, private messages to reach your prospects and customers

Profile customizations

Feature key sections more prominently, add a customer button to your profile/posts, etc.
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Access to LinkedIn Learning and job-seeker subscriptions

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Real-time alerts

Get key signals on decision-makers, such as job changes, recently posted content, etc.
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Account prioritization via Account Hub

Monitor the accounts that matter most for easy prioritization and new paths in
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Lead & account recommendations

Receive recommendations based on your activity, saved leads, mutual connections, and buyer interest
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Relationship Map

Create dynamic org charts providing alerts on key leads and visibility into buying committee gaps
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Relationship Explorer

Identify the best path to an account by lead recommendations based on persona & relationship signals
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CRM integration

Data integration, CRM-generated lists - Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, HubSpot CRM, etc.
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Available for Advanced Plus only



Frequently asked questions:
LinkedIn Sales Navigator vs. LinkedIn Premium Business

How does Sales Navigator enhance my existing LinkedIn network?

Sales Navigator integrates seamlessly with your LinkedIn network by offering deeper insights and more precise targeting capabilities. It doesn't replace your network but enhances it, allowing you to identify and connect with potential leads more effectively without leaving the LinkedIn ecosystem.

Can I use Sales Navigator for team collaboration?

Yes, Sales Navigator Advanced and Advanced Plus both offer collaborative features to support teams. These plans include features like Shared Lists, where you can organize and share your book of business with your team, Relationship Map where you can create dynamic org charts providing alerts on key leads and visibility into buying committee gaps, and unified billing.

What kind of support does LinkedIn offer for Sales Navigator users?

LinkedIn provides a range of support options for Sales Navigator users, including a comprehensive help center, online tutorials, and customer service support. LinkedIn plans, such as Sales Navigator Advanced Plus, may also offer dedicated account management and onboarding assistance.

How does the pricing for Sales Navigator compare to Premium Business?

Pricing for Sales Navigator is generally higher than Premium Business due to its advanced features designed specifically for sales professionals and teams. However, the exact cost can vary based on the plan (Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus). It's recommended to evaluate the features of each to determine which service provides the best value for your specific needs.

Are there any success metrics or analytics included with Sales Navigator?

Yes, Sales Navigator Advanced and Advanced Plus provide detailed analytics and success metrics to help you track your sales performance, including lead generation and engagement rates. These insights can help you refine your sales strategies and measure the ROI of your Sales Navigator subscription.

Is there a free trial available for Sales Navigator or Premium Business?

Yes, both Sales Navigator and Premium Business offer a free trial period*, allowing you to explore the features and benefits before committing to a subscription. This is a great way to determine which service best fits your professional needs.

*Note: only one free trial is allowed every 365 days.