Illustration of woman at desk on computer
Headshot of Joseph DiMisa
Joseph DiMisa
Global Sales Strategy and Rewards Advisory Leader, Korn Ferry
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Top performers see sales technology is useful in specific ways

Illustration of shaking hands, 56% of Top performers, 48% of Average performers
Bar chart comparing usage of sales tech by Top performers and average performers
49% of top performers vs. 29% of average performers
Headshot of Morgan Ingram
Morgan J. Ingram
Director of Sales Execution and Evolution, JB Sales Training
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Headshot of Paul Lewis
Paul Lewis
Global Social, Digital Marketing, and Social Enablement Lead, Pitney Bowes
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Headshot of Samantha McKenna
Samantha McKenna
Founder, #samsales Consulting
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Headshot of Craig Rosenberg
Craig Rosenberg
Distinguished VP, Analyst at Gartner
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Headshot of Julie Thomas
Julie Thomas
CEO, Value Selling Associates
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Illustration of man working at standing desk
Headshot of Sahil Mansuri
Sahil Mansuri
CEO of Bravado
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