5 Things Top Performers do Differently 3 ways to be a top sales performer
I always research my buyers before reaching out: TPS: 76% Met: 38%
I am very confident in my data: TPS: 45% Met: 29%
I am placing greater emphasis on expanding my LinkedIn network TPS: 56% Met: 26%
The leads my marketing team send me are excellent TPS: 76% Met:35%
I always put my buyers needs first TPS: 72% Met: 40%
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  • Sales Navigator Alerts: Set up alerts to be informed about job changes, funding announcements, buyer intent signals etc.
  • LinkedIn feed: Your LinkedIn news feed in LinkedIn Sales Navigator will show you the updates relevant to your leads, treat it like a source of intel.
  • Account Map: Map the full buying committee so you can multi-thread and build relationships with multiple players at an account. This will lower your risk if a single buyer leaves.
  • Team Link: Find the best way with a prospect account by leveraging your organisations network and open new introduction opportunities with the TeamLink feature.
  • Data validation: Use Sales Navigator’s CRM Sync feature to automate your sales processes, and increase data accuracy.
  • Sales Engagement Integrations: Leveraging sales engagement platforms will help you create a more streamlined process of engaging with buyers.
Illustration of a person working on a laptop at a table

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