Modern Selling CRM Day

As a Modern Selling Program Lead you know, that the value that Sales Navigator brings to sellers increases, when they start to use it on a regular basis and in all aspects. At the same time, we all want them to work as effective and efficient as possible. It’s all about doing more with less. 

Therefore, we will be spending the day of October 9th on how to integrate Sales Navigator with your CRM and other key sales applications you use in your company!

As you know, Sales Navigator helps salespeople to:

  1. identify the right people
  2. gain a better understanding of people and companies
  3. and engaging with them in a more personal and tailored way. 

There is great additional functionality to automate Sales Navigator that can only get activated through a CRM integration.

This is why we invite you, as the Modern Selling Program Lead at your company and your CRM admin(s) to 3 interesting virtual session on various integration options of Sales Navigator: 

We will be talking about synchronizing Sales Navigator with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce as well as the possibility to embed LinkedIn (Sales Navigator) profiles within the Oracle Sales Cloud, SAP's Cloud for Customer and other partners in the field of Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence, CRM, eSignature and more. 

Andy Butz
Andy Butz
Senior Customer Success Manager Enterprise
LinkedIn Sales Solutions

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